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Differences Between Veneers & Lumineers

June 25, 2022 9:45 pm

If you’ve ever wished you could permanently change the brightness, shape, length, or spacing of your teeth, then you might’ve stumbled upon treatments called veneers and Lumineers®.

Depending on how many teeth you want to change, these cosmetic treatments can disguise a single tooth or completely alter your entire smile by attaching thin porcelain shells to the front of your natural teeth.

Veneers and Lumineers are similar in purpose but different in a few ways:

Procedure & Thickness

One of the biggest differences between veneers and Lumineers is how they are placed. This is due to the thickness of the material.

With veneers, it’s necessary to prepare the teeth by removing a thin layer of the tooth enamel. This makes room for where the veneers will go and prevents your teeth from looking or feeling bulky against your gums. Because your tooth is altered, the procedure is considered irreversible.

On the other hand, Lumineers are thinner and do not require enamel removal. If desired, they can later be removed since your enamel is not compromised.

Material & Durability

The lifespan of veneers or Lumineers will depend heavily on an individual’s oral hygiene and health habits. However, while Lumineers are still designed to be durable, they’re considered less durable than veneers because of their thinner nature.


As the procedure for veneers is a little bit more involved, they can be more expensive. But keep in mind that the price of a cosmetic procedure can be affected by many factors.

Your specific estimate will be based on your unique smile needs, goals, and geographic location. If available at your dentist, compare the price of veneers vs. Lumineers so you can have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Veneers & Lumineers in Chandler, AZ

At Cactus Point Dental, we offer both dental veneers and Lumineers. If you’re on the fence about which you should get, we invite you to schedule an in-person consultation at our office in Chandler, AZ. Our skilled team is ready to help guide you on the path to the smile you’ve always dreamed of having!

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