Full & Partial Dentures
in Chandler, AZ

Natural teeth can become lost due to gum disease, decay, or injury. In any of these cases, many patients turn to dentures as a solution for replacing missing teeth. Full dentures and partial dentures can replace many or all missing teeth. At Cactus Point Dental, we can design and fit full dentures and partial dentures based on your dental needs! To learn more about our affordable dentures or schedule your consultation, please contact our front office!

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What are dentures?

A full denture or partial denture is designed to replace many or all missing teeth. The prosthetic appliance is customized to your specific needs, allowing the dentures to look and feel natural. If you’re looking for dentures in Chandler, AZ, you may be excited to hear that our team is skilled at designing and fitting dentures that suit your facial structure!

What types of dentures are the best?

There are several types of dentures to choose from when considering teeth replacement. At Cactus Point Dental, we offer full and partial dentures made from high-quality materials. Our dentures fit well to the shape and size of your mouth and are customizable to your comfort. If you’re only missing a few teeth, partial dentures will likely be suggested. In other cases where an entire arch is missing, dentures or dental implants may be better.

How do I take care of my dentures?

One of the benefits of dentures is that the device is durable! However, dentures can get dirty or warp. Our team at Cactus Point Dental will share with each patient the proper care for their dentures. Generally, how to clean dentures is the most important care step. Whether a patient has implant-supported dentures, full dentures, or partial dentures, they should remove and clean the appliance thoroughly with water to avoid bacteria building and safely store them when not worn to enjoy the benefits of dentures.

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