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When Are Pediatric Tooth Extractions Necessary?

July 31, 2023 9:16 am

At Cactus Point Dental, we aim to protect and preserve a patient’s natural teeth when possible. However, there are certain situations where extraction may be necessary and is in a patient’s best interest, such as problematic wisdom teeth or repeatedly failed root canal therapy. There are also cases when pediatric dental extractions may be necessary. For example:

There’s a Serious Infection

In the case of an infected tooth, time is of the essence. An untreated tooth infection can cause unnecessary pain and potentially spread to other tissues, such as adult teeth, other baby teeth, or the gums. If an infection is past the point of treatment, it’s better to remove the infected tooth before more damage is done to the rest of your child’s oral health, or even overall health.

A Permanent Tooth Is Already Coming In

Baby teeth are like little placeholders that help guide adult teeth into where they should come in. But sometimes permanent teeth show up before the baby tooth is ready to fall out. If that’s happening with your child, we may recommend removing the baby tooth so that the permanent tooth can grow in properly.

Orthodontic Treatment Preparation

Each orthodontic case is unique. Your child may need to have a tooth removed in order to move forward with orthodontic treatment. Perhaps there’s an issue with overcrowding or a stubborn baby tooth hasn’t fallen out yet. With this extra space, it can help your child’s adult teeth grow into their perfect positions.

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